The Spring of Her Love

Love is an invaluable gift

Wrapped in insecurity

And opened with possessiveness.

When love melts into soul

A poem is born


If you want to know

Why a wolf howls at full moon

Fall in true love


She smiled at me as full moon

Touched me as monsoon rain

Hugged me as mountain mist

And trusted me as love of life


Every time she smiled at me

Autumn and spring bloomed in heart

Dawn and dusk melted down to sea

Life and death frozen in time


She found herself

In the depths of my love

I lost myself

In the melody of her soul


I kissed her shadow in my dream

I bloomed in the spring of her love


She was the unheard melody

Who made me a poet


When touch is a mirage

Love craves, heart bleeds

And soul howls


The thin line drawn by helplessness

Decides the fate of the lives of lovers


I will keep you so happy, I told

Tears were rolling down her cheeks

At that moment in the west

Wounded sun was again disappearing

Into the calm sea.


When the poet in me dead

I knew she was the poem.

Originally Published in 
The Terror House Press Magazine 
( Which is based in Budapest,Hungary)
on 18th December 2020

Thank You So much Matt Forney

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