Angel and the Dirty Boy


The kid loved playing in the mud

A mud much darker than his skin.

He was comfortable being dirty and ugly

Because all his mates were so .

Deep inside him always dreamed in vain

of a cute little angel who will descent from the sky

with an alluring smile and tempting soul

The angel took his hand and slowly made him clean

They walked into the woods, climbed the hills

ran through the plains and swam in the rivers

they admired  the orchids, pissed off cuckoos

drenched in sunlight and burned in rain

They tasted fragrances drank tears

danced in storm, fought for memories

hugged breathlessly and froze in moments


And kid asked the angel, ‘where are your wings?’

The angel told him ‘I forget to mention;

I was never an Angel, but I didn’t want to hurt you with the truth!’

 Originally Published in the Magazine 'Inside Brilliance' and
featured in the 'Havik Publication and Award Ceremony' 
organized by the prestegious 'Las Positas College' California.
Thank you so much Editor-in-Chief Lara Abreu for rendering
the Poem.

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