Why do You Love Me? (and other poems)

Moonlight Goosebumps:


Through the uneven emptiness

Of these dancing leaves of

Our favorite Kadamba tree,

rain out into me

as cloud soaked

Moonlight Goosebumps


Why do you love me?


‘Why do you love me?’ he asked her.


‘ Because, you know how to love, what is love, and value love,

you need nothing other than love,


You dive into my eyes and breathe freely in my heart,

You spill your soul into mine and I become you,


I always feel how precious I am and I preserve myself for you,

I always feel there is more love inside me for you,


you are that dew, where my sun becomes rainbow

you are that mist, where my tears grow feathers

you are that valley, where my fragrance solidifies into fruits.


I know you are the lonely moon and I am the only wolf,

and I know my howl will echo endlessly in your eternal moonlight.’, she replied.



Your Tender Lap:


I was a nomad wandering

In the streets of love

Seeking a humble abode.

I delved the deserts,

Climbed the mountains,

Hunted the pearls

And slept fainted

On the river bank.


When woke up

The river was no more

But I found myself

Floating on your tender lap.




While rolling down

Teardrop just halted

On the lips to give last kiss,

But lips were busy

Holding the breath.


About Words:


Your words shall have no strings attached.

They shall be hung aloft from the heart

And to be wafted out  from  the soul.

No bonding No Jealousy No preference

Shall hold them back from flowing.

Your body and soul may not be yours

But for sure your words are.



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