Scent of milk

Any fresh day when she sees me

there is a smiling moon floating

in her deep calm eyes.

A full moon, jumping out from the dark clouds

like the dancing dolphin of Arabian sea

like the sensation of hearing

a soothing voice for the first time,

like the Goosebumps erupted

on the back of neck on first kiss,

like the gasp of fresh air

by a drowning damsel,

like an adorable baby

who still expects her mom to feed her

long after the breasts forgot the scent of milk.

Originally Published in 
the Winter 2022 Issue of  
Remington Review, USA 
on 19th Jan 2022.

Paiting Credit: All Painter(dot)com,
Émile Munier,
Portrait Of A Child,
1880 Oil Painting.

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