Bar-tailed godwit

What happened?

You are lost in deep thoughts

Looks like you made a long solo trip

Like a bar-tailed godwit’

I asked my beloved.


She continued her meditating trance

Smiled, showing her soul,

And finally landed on earth.


‘When we are silent

One part of my soul

And one part of your soul

Start a beautiful conversation

Holding our hands


They float, fly and migrate

Back in time, up in the constellation

Deep in bliss, lost in future


They keep on talking

When I am awake and asleep

When I cry, laugh, sigh

When I bleed, break, breathe


One part of my soul

And one part of your soul’

Originally Published in Adelaide Literary Magazine -No. 44 ,
Which is based in New York (US)and Lisbon (Portugal) 
on 9th January 2021.

Thank You so much Steven V.Nikolic

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