Ranjith Sivaraman is an upcoming Poet from Kerala, a beautiful state in India. His poems merge nature imagery, human emotions, and human psychology into a gorgeous tapestry. Mr.Sivaraman started writing recently. During the starting months of writing itself, his love wrapped in abandoned poetry phrases and his experiences expressed in the form of short stories have touched readers from various parts of the world. He once said in an interview “I wish… I can contribute and payback PEACE and TRUE LOVE to The Universe”.

Sivaraman’s English Poems are published in International Literature Magazines and Journals from various locations like Budapest, London,New York, Indiana, Lisbon, Colorado, California, New Jersey, etc. Occasionally he writes in Malayalam also.

Mr.Sivaraman, was a finalist in the The Voice of Peace anthology competition 2021, organised by the ‘League of Poets’

He is also an established Entrepreneur with sharp mechanical skills in the field of sustainable construction /consultancy, of swimming pool and water treatment plants in India and abroad.