I Have You Only…

When my quaver meets

a premature death in my throat

When I curl up like a Chartreux

I have you only

When my eyes meet

a deep sea of darkness in my nights

When I see no face with warmth

I have you only


When my heart hangs

like a beehive on an abandoned mesquite tree

When I sink like an over ripe coffee cherry

I have you only


When my soul evaporates

into a fragrant cloud

When I rain like mistified drops

I have you only….


Originally published in the Wordcity Lit 
based in Albertta, Canada on 19th September 2021.
Thank you so much Clara Burghelea,
Nancy Ndeke,Lori Roadhouse
and Darcie Friesen Hossack.
Also published in 'The Raven Review based in Texas,USA.

Picture Courtesy : Wallpaperflare.com


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