Is he not aroused?

Why no fire of wild lust in his eyes?

Doesn’t he realize the moments are dying one by one?

We both don’t know when our breaths will dance together again.

Or is it only my heart is young?

His eyes found no feast

and keep looking stone cold.

He was very different and expert virtually

Like a wild beast tearing down the screen

I think I should leave,

run girl run, with what is left of your dignity.


He was missing an indistinct lullaby and kisses drenched in tears

the cutest scolding of elder sister

the naughtiest wrying of younger sister

he was not there to utilize the chance

he was in search of what he needed

and he was finding what he was missing all his life…

Originally Published in The Parliament Literary Journal,
based in New jersey (USA) on 16th May 2021.
Thank you so much Nikki Gonzalez.

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