After 20 years I am going  her home,

to meet her mom, my Julia’s mom.


Julia, you remember, we both were

two ever singing  cuckoos of the same feather,

two never resting Brooks of the same valley,

two ever-smiling little girls of the same age twelve.

Julia, you remember that evening, we laughed a lot,

we laughed while walking,

we laughed while traveling,

we laughed and laughed,

then suddenly I saw your lips froze

you looked like a sleeping beauty with foamy lips.

Someone was dancing in your deep eyes,

Now I know Julia,  that was a Swan song.


Julia, after 20 years I am going  your home,

to meet your mom, your darling mom.


I beg your forgiveness, mom

It took me twenty years to come home, my Julia’s home.


‘ Dear child,  you know something,

It was about you, you only, my girl always spoke.

She loved you more than me. You were her Soul friend’-told her mom.


Julia, after twenty years I came home, our home

to meet our mom, our darling mom.


A lady visits her childhood friend’s home after 
the long 20 years of her tragic death. From her mom,
she realizes that her daughter always considered her 
as her soul friend.

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