Three Dots…

Three dots … were left wounded

awaiting the ‘inevitable sound of death’.


Till recently these three dots … were our lifeblood

Now see, the poor dots are bleeding to death.

The dot in the middle, melted two souls into one

and we were more than happy to be dots.


I remember the days we fought for these three dots …

‘where are my three dots …’, ‘I need more three dots …’


But Darling, now these three dots …  are left wounded

awaiting the ‘inevitable sound of death’.


I know the first dot is me, my ego

and the third one is you, your ego

and of course the second one is ‘Love’

and they say ‘God is Love’.

Originally Published in the October 2021 issue
of 'The Moon Magazine',published from 
T'kemlúps te Secwépemc, USA.


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