Life is a dual between promise and love

a dual with strange rules.

Sometimes one opponent never enters

and even if enters, winning is irrelevant.

But you are always on the losing side.

You want both to win, which is near to impossible.

In this strange dual, one opponent is always late.

But this late entry makes all the difference.

Your life is taken for a rollercoaster ride.

Your heart becomes a velvet cake.

And you lie stone-cold taking the cuts.

You wish you could scream and run

But you are sinking into a bottomless ocean.

You are blooming in an endless spring.

Also falling as a pale yellow maple leaf.

You are on the top of a snowy mountain.

Also thirsty as a Eulophia in the cruel desert.


Originally Published in 
The Terror House Press Magazine 
( Which is based in Budapest,Hungary)
on 18th December 2020

Thank You So much Matt Forney

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