The Squid

His son had never tasted Squid.
His son was 9 years old
and wanted to know badly,
how Squid fry tasted like.

For almost 18 years he felt that
a squid in his stomach is burning his heart.
He lost again in that day,
and in that tempting fragrance of soil
and in the kiss of dancing Monsoon.
Then there came the tempting smell of the deep-fried Squid,
lavish in chilly And blessed with green pepper.
She insisted to taste Squid that day Squid or nothing,
she was always so.
When the Monsoon stopped dancing,
he saw someone dancing in her eyes.
At that moment he never thought, that dance is the very last one.

Yes, son, we will taste squid today Somewhere a Squid
was waiting for him Somewhere, where the monsoon never kissed.

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