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The Heart Of a Woman

The heart of a woman
is indeed mysterious.
As for once, the deep sea can be fathomed but who knows the heart of a woman.
For it is as deep as the ocean,
filled with treasures of
love , grace, affection.
The heart of a woman is indeed mysterious as so otherwise is
fragile & delicate
yet strong & resilient.
The heart of a woman is such that if you love her, she will not only love you back but she will devote herself in love with you.
But even if you break her heart,
still she will keep you in prayers as such is,
the heart of a woman.
About the Author
Aanashre, a humble, polite, empathic, and cheerful person. She is a commerce graduate, writer, baker, aspiring fashion-designer. I am from prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Instagram @aanashre





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